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If you are ready to paint your home, you have probably thought the entire process through. Most people know they are going to need to hire a company that is licensed and insured and has experience in painting homes. They also know they need to move some furniture and be a little put out during the painting process. They also have taken time to review all the rooms that they want to paint and made decisions about what color or colors they want on each wall, ceiling and trim. They may have looked into an accent wall which adds a fun splash of color that differs from the rest of the room. One thing that is overlooked but is really important to think about before you begin though is the paint finish. This is what the effect of the wall will look like when it is completed.

A&E Painting and Renovations has prepared a list of a few finishes and what is good about each one to help you decide.

Flat: This is a finish that you can choose that when it is dry you are left with a chalky and dull look. There is no shine to this finish and is not easy to clean. The finish allows dirt and fingerprints to set on the wall and stay there. It is hard to take care of cleaning these fingerprints and black marks off the wall when they do get dirty. When you clean it, it has been known to remove the paint all together. If you have small children that touch walls or possibly have been known to draw on the wall this paint finish is not right for you!
Egg Shell: This finish is a step up from the flat finish. It has a small hint of shine but is still very subtle. This is a great finish and is chosen a lot for many homes in the United States. The shine is just enough to make it easier to clean if you have a mess on the wall. This finish is great for most homes that have kids to pets to adults living in it. The small amount of shine can help to blend in some of the small mishaps in the texture of the wall and make them seem less obvious.
Gloss: This is a much shinier option that you can choose. This finish will leave a gloss or shine to the wall that comes across almost like an extra layer of clear coat has been laid over the paint. This is also the easiest of the paint finishes to clean and often all you need is a warm wash cloth and some soap. Some people will shy away from this option because the gloss is a little more aggressive when the paint is dry. If you seem to be always cleaning your walls this may be a great choice for you!

Professional Residential House Painters & Commercial Painting Contractors in Katy, Houston, Tomball & Stafford Texas

No matter what paint colors or finishes you decide on, A&E Painting & Renovations can handle all of your Greater Houston Texas painting needs. Contact us today and allow us to give you the home you’ve always dreamed of!

The older the home, the older the materials used. Unless you happen to have a giant target sign painted on your windows, they probably haven’t been replaced. But do they need replacing or perhaps just need some repairs? There are so many buzz words floating around concerning energy saving materials on close to everything on a home and windows are no exception however there are also many more good reasons to repair or replace your windows!

A&E Painting Renovations would like to help you make the call on whether you should invest on new replacement windows or a good repair job.

Rotting Window Frames
: If your window frame’s wood is looking rotten, along with the sashes and/or muntins (divider panels) are allowing dirt or air flow in or out, a replacement frame might be in order. If air is coming in or out, water most likely can as well. Wood deteriorates over time in the elements. Humidity, over dry, hot air, a terrible paint job, and even a sprinkler that constantly pounds the frame can cause the window frame from rotting out all too quickly. Consulting a handyman like A&E Painting & Renovation to run an estimate is the better choice in this case. With our experience, we can determine if a few replacement spots are in order, or if the whole thing needs replacing.

Broken Window Panes: Much can contribute to a broken window pane. Weather conditions, inappropriate cleaners or children playing sports and games too close. Cracks, chips and scratches often afflict the window pane. Unfortunately glass can’t be repaired, so replacing is the only option.

Damaged Window Seals: Damaged seals could be causing your windows to fog up, accumulate condensation and cause streaks between double or triple panes. Seals are destroyed by heat producing expansions and contractions. A new sash is in need of replacing, and perhaps even the pane.

Rickety Windows: Much can be contributing to rickety windows, causing them from not opening and closing properly. Dirt and small particles of debris could have gotten caught in the track, the sashes could have been sealed over with paint, or brittle hardware could be the culprit. Unless the windows are ancient, and replacement hardware are no longer available, a simple repair is all that is needed. Carefully cutting the seam of the paint or a good cleaning of the dirt build in the tracks can help.

Drafty Windows: A drafty window is when air is coming through gaps in the dividers, sashes or frames. An old weather stripping that has seen better days could be the cause, or depleting caulk, loose sash or rotting wood. Re-caulking the deteriorating caulk, or replacing the weather stripping could be a simple fix for this issue.

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If after evaluating your windows, you are uncertain of what needs to be done, one of our experienced professionals can make an assessment, let you know what needs replacing and what can be done with simple repairs. Having an expert execute the care of your windows will give you peace of mind it was done correctly for full efficiency. Call us today at A&E Painting and Renovations for your free consultation.

Choosing what type of floor to install in your home can sometimes seem overwhelming with all of the options that are available to home owners today. One of the more popular options that home owners are choosing to go with is hardwood flooring. Hardwood floors come in a variety of colors, plank sizes and textures. A well finished and installed wood floor can add value to your home and make it look beautiful in every room. Hardwood floors are durable and can last a long time if you give them the proper care and attention that they require. It is important to observe the condition of your hard wood floors to prevent any major damage from occurring.

Wood Floor Movement

Wood is an absorbent material that can change in moisture content depending on the weather or time of year. When the humidity levels rise, wood will absorb moisture from the air, causing your flooring to expand. When relative humidity falls, your wood floor emits moisture back into the air, causing your floor to contract. The constant expanding and contracting of your hard wood floor can sometimes leave your floor looking unattractive with gaps that were not visible when your floor was initially installed. Keep an eye on the wood movement of your floor, if you notice more extreme gaps throughout your floor, contact a professional to assist you in properly repairing your floor.

Wood Floor Cupping Repair

Cupping is another issue that often occurs with hard wood floors. Cupping is when the edges of your hardwood floor boards are sitting higher than the center of the board. Cupping is caused when there is a moisture imbalance through the thickness of the wood. Cupping will most often appear after the floor has been installed and sometimes rather than moisture issue could be a result of poor installation. When you choose to install hardwood flooring, make sure you are hiring someone with the proper skills and experience when it comes to installation.

Warped or Buckling Hardwood Floor Problems

One of the more extreme problems that occur with hardwood floors is called buckling. Buckling occurs when the wood floor boards actually pull up from off of the subflooring. This will result in the board sitting several inches off of the subfloor in one or more areas. Not only does this look very unattractive but it also creates a safety hazard for you and those living in your home. Buckling requires the services of a floor repair professional.

Professional Hardwood Floor Installation, Replacement, Upgrade, Repairs & Maintenance in Katy, Houston, Tomball & Stafford TX

If you are experiencing any of these issues with your hard wood floors, contact A&E Painting and Renovations today.

Starting your own business has always been a dream of yours. Working for yourself has been a life-long goal and you finally have the resources and capability to do just that. Whether you have decided to open your own trendy cupcake boutique, a quaint little book store, a humble restaurant, a high volume retail store or any other kind of storefront or business, you are going to need the commercial space to do it in. Once you have found that perfect location, you will generally have to “build it out” or “remodel” to fit your business’ needs.

A&E Painting and Renovations can help you achieve the perfect aesthetics and functional capacity you need for your business. Here are just a few tips to help you get started drawing in your customers.

Finding & Hiring a Reliable Building Contractor

Having a team of contractors and construction crew that you can fully entrust your livelihood is prudent to your business’s success. Your hired contractors should get your build out done on schedule and to your approval. A&E Painting and Renovations is licensed and insured to guarantee your satisfaction in your commercial space. A consultation is waiting for you to get the ball moving and answer any questions you have including references.

Your Business Look & Image

First impressions are vital to a business’ success. You want everything to flow and make your valued customers feel comfortable and welcome. From the outside in, you need to make sure your artistic flare is brought to the public in an eye popping way. Your storefront should be easy to maintain, but still captivate the potential consumer. The inside should have a layout that is easily observed from end to end. Color schemes need to be calming and pleasing. Allow our experienced professionals to aide you in this quest should you find yourself overwhelmed with possibilities.

Commercial Lighting

Lighting can influence mood and accentuate your displays. Ambient lighting to fit your business’ personality can add a sense of unique style. Consider soft lighting on shelves to highlight your featured items.

Commercial Painting Colors

It has been discovered that different colors can affect people’s emotions. Find the color scheme that not only enhances your business’s character, but can help influence your customer’s emotions. Below are a few tips on color.
– Brown: Helps people feel grounded and relaxed.
– Red: Contributes to making a person feel hungry.
– Blue: Promotes tranquility, loved, acceptance and understanding.
– Yellow: Enhances memory and adds a sense of joy, organized and smart.
Keep in mind the colors when choosing the paint for your commercial property to be in harmony with what your business venture is.

Budget Finances and Time Frame

It is crucial to have a budget ready for planning the extent of your build out. Making sure the funds are dispersed between everything you need for your building’s coding and keeping with the needs of your stores essentials are a must. Know the timing and schedule of permits and construction to properly project your business’s grand opening.

Professional Commercial Buildouts, Remodels & Tenant Improvements in Katy, Houston, Tomball & Stafford TX

Having someone in your corner to get you up and running is a welcomed relief to the stress of opening your own business. You need the expertise of A&E Painting and Renovations to help you on the road to success. Don’t let the construction of a commercial build out be intimidating. A&E Painting and Renovations is here to serve you. Contact us to talk about your needs.

Entertaining guests at your home can be a fun and enjoyable time, especially when you have the space to do so. A properly functioning spacious deck or patio can turn any backyard into a great entertaining space for parties, barbeques, weddings or family reunions. You can turn your backyard into the life of the party by installing a new deck or patio that looks and feels inviting, comfortable and welcoming. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to installing a new deck or patio onto your home, so become familiar with your options and what will work best for the space you have to work with.

A&E Painting & Renovations have prepared this quick guide to deck and patio options

Partly Sheltered Decks

A partly sheltered deck can serve as an indoor outdoor space connecting your family room to your patio. A partly covered deck or patio can also provide the appropriate housing for ceiling fans, lighting and even an outdoor television. Creating a space like this will allow your friends and family to enjoy the luxuries of the indoors while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. A partly sheltered patio provides the perfect atmosphere for an intimate dinner, a place to watch the game or simply a space to relax and enjoy the outside air.

Free Standing Decks

Not all decks or patios need to be attached to the front or the back of your home. Free standing decks have become a popular option for home owners who have large property and would like to create a new space to enjoy views of their surroundings. Free standing decks can be a place to enjoy the sunrise, sunset and get away from the house but still enjoy the same level of comfort. Free standing decks can take a vacant piece of your property and transform it into an inviting destination to take in the view.

Patio Off the Master Bedroom

A popular option for home owners that have a smaller home is an off the bedroom patio. Creating double doors that lead out into the backyard form the master bedroom can create a space that makes your home feel bigger and more comfortable. Concrete steps off a deck can extend the home out further, leading to another hang out space for you and your family to relax in. Creating a double or triple level deck can create more seating areas and give your patio or deck a new and fun look.

Professional Deck & Patio Installation, Building, Construction, Painting, Staining & Home Remodeling in Katy, Houston, Tomball & Stafford TX

If you are ready to improve the look of your home and create a relaxing and enjoyable environment, contact A&E Painting and Renovations today.

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