If you are ready to paint your home, you have probably thought the entire process through. Most people know they are going to need to hire a company that is licensed and insured and has experience in painting homes. They also know they need to move some furniture and be a little put out during the painting process. They also have taken time to review all the rooms that they want to paint and made decisions about what color or colors they want on each wall, ceiling and trim. They may have looked into an accent wall which adds a fun splash of color that differs from the rest of the room. One thing that is overlooked but is really important to think about before you begin though is the paint finish. This is what the effect of the wall will look like when it is completed.

A&E Painting and Renovations has prepared a list of a few finishes and what is good about each one to help you decide.

Flat: This is a finish that you can choose that when it is dry you are left with a chalky and dull look. There is no shine to this finish and is not easy to clean. The finish allows dirt and fingerprints to set on the wall and stay there. It is hard to take care of cleaning these fingerprints and black marks off the wall when they do get dirty. When you clean it, it has been known to remove the paint all together. If you have small children that touch walls or possibly have been known to draw on the wall this paint finish is not right for you!
Egg Shell: This finish is a step up from the flat finish. It has a small hint of shine but is still very subtle. This is a great finish and is chosen a lot for many homes in the United States. The shine is just enough to make it easier to clean if you have a mess on the wall. This finish is great for most homes that have kids to pets to adults living in it. The small amount of shine can help to blend in some of the small mishaps in the texture of the wall and make them seem less obvious.
Gloss: This is a much shinier option that you can choose. This finish will leave a gloss or shine to the wall that comes across almost like an extra layer of clear coat has been laid over the paint. This is also the easiest of the paint finishes to clean and often all you need is a warm wash cloth and some soap. Some people will shy away from this option because the gloss is a little more aggressive when the paint is dry. If you seem to be always cleaning your walls this may be a great choice for you!

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