Entertaining guests at your home can be a fun and enjoyable time, especially when you have the space to do so. A properly functioning spacious deck or patio can turn any backyard into a great entertaining space for parties, barbeques, weddings or family reunions. You can turn your backyard into the life of the party by installing a new deck or patio that looks and feels inviting, comfortable and welcoming. There are many different options to choose from when it comes to installing a new deck or patio onto your home, so become familiar with your options and what will work best for the space you have to work with.

A&E Painting & Renovations have prepared this quick guide to deck and patio options

Partly Sheltered Decks

A partly sheltered deck can serve as an indoor outdoor space connecting your family room to your patio. A partly covered deck or patio can also provide the appropriate housing for ceiling fans, lighting and even an outdoor television. Creating a space like this will allow your friends and family to enjoy the luxuries of the indoors while enjoying the beautiful outdoors. A partly sheltered patio provides the perfect atmosphere for an intimate dinner, a place to watch the game or simply a space to relax and enjoy the outside air.

Free Standing Decks

Not all decks or patios need to be attached to the front or the back of your home. Free standing decks have become a popular option for home owners who have large property and would like to create a new space to enjoy views of their surroundings. Free standing decks can be a place to enjoy the sunrise, sunset and get away from the house but still enjoy the same level of comfort. Free standing decks can take a vacant piece of your property and transform it into an inviting destination to take in the view.

Patio Off the Master Bedroom

A popular option for home owners that have a smaller home is an off the bedroom patio. Creating double doors that lead out into the backyard form the master bedroom can create a space that makes your home feel bigger and more comfortable. Concrete steps off a deck can extend the home out further, leading to another hang out space for you and your family to relax in. Creating a double or triple level deck can create more seating areas and give your patio or deck a new and fun look.

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