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When you are starting to think that you might want to sell your home, there are a lot of things that you need to do to get it in order. You need to choose a realtor and get the house listed with a price that is set to sell. You also need to know where you are going to move when the house is sold. What most homeowners want out of the deal is to get the most from the sale of their home.

A&E Painting & Renovations has some repairs that you can have done to make your home more desirable to a buyer.

Drywall Repair: One of the biggest repairs that you can make that will have a huge impact on a buyer is repairing the drywall. Take a look around your home and find areas that you notice small dings and dents in the wall. This also includes larger holes in the wall as well. These dents can come from a chair falling or a kick to the wall. These can be one of the only things that a buyer sees and will have them wondering what repairs they will have to make before they can enjoy the purchase. A professional like A&E Painting & Renovations can come and make the drywall repairs so that they are unnoticeable to the buyer.

Paint: This is a huge draw for the buyers. They want to be able to see what their furniture would look like in a home and if your home has a unique color it may be hard for a buyer to imagine. Many people like to have an accent wall or a pattern wall in their home to make it more their style. The problem is that your style may not be someone else’s and this is something that can take away from them wanting to place an offer. When you choose a color scheme for your home, go with a color that can match with just about anything. You can go with neutral colors such as tans and greys.

Remove Clutter: You can go through you house and see what furniture you can live without. Remove anything that looks cluttered like bookshelves and extra tables. This will make the house seem bigger and the buyer will want to see what room there is to fit their own items. After you move the clutter be sure to touch up carpet stains too.

Professional Handyman & Home Repairs in Katy, Houston, Tomball & Stafford TX

A&E Painting & Renovations can help you get top dollar when selling your Greater Houston home. Contact us today for more information.

There are many ways to improve the look of the exterior of your home and not all involve a great deal of money from your savings or intense labor that takes months to complete. One of the best ways to improve the look of your home, add curb appeal and increase the value is exterior paint. Changing the paint on the exterior of your home can give your house a fresh new look. Exterior paint for homes is now available in a wide variety of colors, textures and finishes; giving home owners endless possibilities when it comes to painting the exterior of their home.

Exterior Paint when Selling your Home

If you are getting ready to put your home on the market, or it has been on the market for a while without receiving any serious offers, a new exterior paint job could be just the thing your home needs to get a buyer. When it comes to choosing a color, you may think it is not that big of deal, or will not make that great of an impact, however there is truth to color value. There are specific color schemes that are more attractive to the human eye than others and will make your home look much more attractive. With the help of a professional, you can couple the right colors that will make your home stand out in the best way possible.

Exterior Paint Color Combinations

Choosing the shade of color is just as important as choosing the color itself. Once you are set on a specific color, you then need to determine if it is best to go with a dark shade of that color, a medium shade or a lighter shade. The shade of the color can make all the difference in contrast with the other colors you have decided to use. If there are intricate detailed pop outs on your home, be sure to highlight these areas with a color that is easy to notice. This will add an additional level of charm to the new look of your home.

Avoiding a Top Heavy Look to your Home

Professional painters will tell you to avoid painting your home to look top heavy, or in other words, keep darker colors towards the bottom of your house and lighter colors towards the top. This will improve the look of your home and not give it a “top heavy” look. When picking colors for your home, make sure you test them in the natural light that is exposed to the exterior of your home. Make sure that the paint colors you choose compliment the colors that are around your home, like brick, stone or stucco.

Professional Interior & Exterior Painting in Katy, Houston, Tomball & Stafford TX

For the best results with exterior paint, contact a professional to get the job done right. A&E Painting Renovations will paint the exterior of your home and leave it looking like new.

Remodeling our homes is always fun and exciting. Whether it is a home you lived in for decades, or a home you recently moved into, the transition of any remodel can be just what the doctor ordered. But some may contemplate if it’s a project they are capable of handling themselves or if it’s a skilled tradesman that you need to hire. The first thing to consider is how extreme the remodel will be. Is it a simple re-paint and maybe new rugs? Or do you desire new fixtures and lighting along with a whole new floor and perhaps a complicated texture or finish for the walls? Even if the simplicity of new paint is all you crave, a professional is still the better choice!

Bathroom Remodeling Costs

In a bathroom there are many factors if doing a complete remodel. The plumbing and the electrical aspect is probably the most obvious and the most daunting, especially if you know little about them. But what if as you start gutting the floors or even tearing up the walls and discover rotting subfloor joists, or leaky pipes that have done enough damage a patch job won’t cut it? Or perhaps the previous homeowner, or construction crew on a new home rewired your electrical wrong, or there wasn’t proper installation on a fixture or lighting?

A&E Painting & Renovations have provided a list of why hiring a professional remodeler is better than trying to do it yourself when remodeling a bathroom!

Cost. Let’s just admit the primary reason you leaning towards doing it yourself is cost. No one wants to pay for material plus labor. But what if in the long run, hiring a professional is actually cheaper than trying to do it yourself and costing you double or even in triple in for proper tools (if you don’t already own them) and what about the many mistakes that are made requiring more supplies? Contractors can help you with a price estimate and help advise you to the best fixtures, flooring and wall textures for your home and lifestyle.

Time. In this day and age we are spoiled with indoor plumbing and the conveniences of having a bathroom when needed. A skilled tradesman can have your bathroom remodeled in lightning speed compared to the inexperienced amateur trying to figure it out as you go. If you have a day job and are exclusively remodeling your bathroom on weekends, your time frame can extend. If your home has only one bathroom, perhaps that professional is looking more like a hero sent from the construction gods.

Flooring. If your bathroom is relatively small, and vinyl is your ideal flooring, doing it yourself can be a fairly simple job. But if you are prone to tile floors or anything of the exotic nature, a professional is definitely the way to go. Remembering back to the unexpected rotting subfloor joists, that can be a mind numbing task if you don’t know the ins and outs of flooring or hidden damage.

Walls. To sum it up if you have OCD and expect perfection, hiring a remodeling contractor is a necessity. Installing the moisture friendly boards is as easy as drywall and if you don’t mind mudding flaws, doing it yourself could be no big deal. But the professional who does this all day can do it in their sleep better than most.

Counters and Cabinets. For those who have a little experience installing cabinets and counters, a bathroom could be bearable for you. Just a consideration, bathrooms are small and leave less room for maneuvering and working. The tight spaces can be a hardship and frustrating.

Sink Installation. Another seemingly easy task for anyone that has basic knowledge. However, if the plumbing is a mess and the piping needs adjusting, hiring a specialist may be the smart choice.

Shower/Tub and Toilet Replacement or Refinishing. This is probably the most horrifying project in the bathroom. So much can go wrong with the plumbing or the fixtures that leaving this duty is better in the hands better equipped for dealing with problematic situations.

Painting. If painting the bathroom you new favorite color is all that you are doing to your walls to revamp the room, then this one is a matter of preference. Many do not mind the task of painting, especially smaller rooms. So depending on your mood, hiring a professional to add the finishing touches to your walls could be for you if you don’t have the time or patience.

Professional Bathroom & Home Remodeling in Katy, Houston, Tomball & Stafford TX

No matter what kind of renovation you have been dreaming of, let A&E Painting and Renovations save the day and get your bathroom looking perfect.

Popular T.V. shows like Extreme Home Makeover, Kitchen Crashers or even the popular broadcasts involving flipping homes; gets our own minds spinning on what appeals to us and how we would makeover our own kitchen. Whether we have been flirting with the idea of remodeling because of the age of our homes, or perhaps we just bought a new home and the kitchen is in dire need of our own personal flare, creating that perfect kitchen is our dream. But sometimes, cost, time or even energy can deter us. Thankfully, there are solutions to every dilemma. The benefits far outweigh the challenges of getting that kitchen upgraded to your dream’s desires!

A&E Painting & Renovations has prepared the following list of kitchen remodeling benefits:

Improve your home value. Kitchen renovations are among the most popular and significant home improvements. One can expect to pay between ten and twenty-five of your home’s value for a high-quality kitchen renovation. In today’s housing market you can get seventy-five to one hundred percent on your return investment. Increasing your home value is always beneficial even if you do not have the desire to sell your home in the near future.

Upgrade your kitchen. As a homeowner, many people spend a good portion of their time in the kitchen. Between cooking and cleaning, the tasks can be daunting with outdated or incapable appliances. Updating your appliances will not only ease the burdens of cooking and cleaning, especially for larger families; but those upgraded appliances will also improve your home value. Modern and larger sinks can also be refreshing in a normally tighter space. However, a new remodel doesn’t have to include updated appliances if money is an issue.

Be Better organized. A kitchen renovation is the perfect opportunity to expand storage space, and get your pantry and cabinets organized. Hard to reach cabinets can even be removed to create open space, or shelf space that is easier to handle. Once the kitchen is finished, the newness of the kitchen will help enforce new habits and rules to reduce unwanted clutter from your counter or table space.

Safety. It surprises most how hazardous working in an outdated kitchen can be. If old appliances are not functioning properly or outlets are not grounded from overuse; disaster can strike. Damaged floors are a danger as spills and falls can happen more commonly. If your kitchen cleaners are not properly organized and secure, it can fall in the hands of tiny fingers.

Happiness. As silly as it may seem, your happiness is a great benefit. If you are contemplating a new kitchen, obviously your kitchen’s current state is bringing you down. Having upgraded appliances, perfectly organized cupboards, fresh paint, and stunning floors; cooking and cleaning up after might actually bring you a new found joy.

Kitchen Remodeling in Katy, Houston, Tomball & Stafford TX

Remodeling your kitchen can be extremely difficult if you do not know what you are doing. Talking to the professionals at A&E Painting and Renovations can assist you in making the right choices for your home. After the details are approved, our team of experts can get everything properly installed and walls painted to perfection. Your kitchen will be magazine ready and you will be delighted in your choice to get that kitchen updated. Contact us today to make your dream kitchen a reality!

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