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Some people love living in a community with and HOA (Home Owner’s Association) board and others hate it. If you live in an HOA community, you are likely well aware of the guidelines that you are expected to follow. Some, but not all, HOA boards require homeowners to get approval before making big changes to their property. This includes painting the exterior of your home. A&E Painting & Renovations is here to talk about the importance of HOA approval before painting your home if it is required.

Find Out if Your HOA Requires Approval Before You Paint Your House

For most people, their HOA board means that someone will keep the streets swept and clean, the landscaping around the community well kempt and so on. Many people love living in a place that has standards that keep their community a desirable place to live. Sometimes though, the HOA board must make approvals for any big changes like your home’s exterior paint color. It is important that you find out if this is required of you before you paint your home. If you don’t have the approval you needed from the HOA board, you could have a big hassle on your hands that may result in you changing the color of your home or face hefty fines each month.

Getting Exterior Paint Color Approval from Your HOA Board

The process of getting approval from your HOA board to change the exterior color of your home doesn’t usually happen overnight. For this reason, if you are getting ready to make plans and hire a professional to help you, get the ball rolling with the HOA board and give them several weeks to get back to you. You will need to contact the HOA property manager and fill out the proper paperwork to get the process started. The board will want to see an exact sample of the paint color you have chosen along with the filled-out forms.

Keep All Documentation of Paint Color Approval

There are sometimes instances where a homeowner will get the approval needed for a new paint color on their home and then they receive a letter in the mail months down the road saying they will be fined for painting their home. Sometimes paperwork and can get lost and miscommunications between board members take place. Once you receive approval from the board it is important that you keep all documentation in the case that you need proof of approval down the road.

Appealing a Denial

If you are denied approval for your paint color choice, you can always appeal it. You may find that you need to compromise in order to appease everyone.

Exterior Painting, Color Consulting & More in in Katy, Stafford, Tomball & Houston Texas

It can be helpful to have a professional color consultant like the consultants at A&E Painting & Renovations to assist you in choosing the right color for your home. We understand and are experienced in working with a number of HOA boards and can assist you in the right paint color for your home. We offer exterior painting services that will leave your home breathtaking when we finish painting it with your desired color. Call us today!

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