The older the home, the older the materials used. Unless you happen to have a giant target sign painted on your windows, they probably haven’t been replaced. But do they need replacing or perhaps just need some repairs? There are so many buzz words floating around concerning energy saving materials on close to everything on a home and windows are no exception however there are also many more good reasons to repair or replace your windows!

A&E Painting Renovations would like to help you make the call on whether you should invest on new replacement windows or a good repair job.

Rotting Window Frames
: If your window frame’s wood is looking rotten, along with the sashes and/or muntins (divider panels) are allowing dirt or air flow in or out, a replacement frame might be in order. If air is coming in or out, water most likely can as well. Wood deteriorates over time in the elements. Humidity, over dry, hot air, a terrible paint job, and even a sprinkler that constantly pounds the frame can cause the window frame from rotting out all too quickly. Consulting a handyman like A&E Painting & Renovation to run an estimate is the better choice in this case. With our experience, we can determine if a few replacement spots are in order, or if the whole thing needs replacing.

Broken Window Panes: Much can contribute to a broken window pane. Weather conditions, inappropriate cleaners or children playing sports and games too close. Cracks, chips and scratches often afflict the window pane. Unfortunately glass can’t be repaired, so replacing is the only option.

Damaged Window Seals: Damaged seals could be causing your windows to fog up, accumulate condensation and cause streaks between double or triple panes. Seals are destroyed by heat producing expansions and contractions. A new sash is in need of replacing, and perhaps even the pane.

Rickety Windows: Much can be contributing to rickety windows, causing them from not opening and closing properly. Dirt and small particles of debris could have gotten caught in the track, the sashes could have been sealed over with paint, or brittle hardware could be the culprit. Unless the windows are ancient, and replacement hardware are no longer available, a simple repair is all that is needed. Carefully cutting the seam of the paint or a good cleaning of the dirt build in the tracks can help.

Drafty Windows: A drafty window is when air is coming through gaps in the dividers, sashes or frames. An old weather stripping that has seen better days could be the cause, or depleting caulk, loose sash or rotting wood. Re-caulking the deteriorating caulk, or replacing the weather stripping could be a simple fix for this issue.

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If after evaluating your windows, you are uncertain of what needs to be done, one of our experienced professionals can make an assessment, let you know what needs replacing and what can be done with simple repairs. Having an expert execute the care of your windows will give you peace of mind it was done correctly for full efficiency. Call us today at A&E Painting and Renovations for your free consultation.