Popular T.V. shows like Extreme Home Makeover, Kitchen Crashers or even the popular broadcasts involving flipping homes; gets our own minds spinning on what appeals to us and how we would makeover our own kitchen. Whether we have been flirting with the idea of remodeling because of the age of our homes, or perhaps we just bought a new home and the kitchen is in dire need of our own personal flare, creating that perfect kitchen is our dream. But sometimes, cost, time or even energy can deter us. Thankfully, there are solutions to every dilemma. The benefits far outweigh the challenges of getting that kitchen upgraded to your dream’s desires!

A&E Painting & Renovations has prepared the following list of kitchen remodeling benefits:

Improve your home value. Kitchen renovations are among the most popular and significant home improvements. One can expect to pay between ten and twenty-five of your home’s value for a high-quality kitchen renovation. In today’s housing market you can get seventy-five to one hundred percent on your return investment. Increasing your home value is always beneficial even if you do not have the desire to sell your home in the near future.

Upgrade your kitchen. As a homeowner, many people spend a good portion of their time in the kitchen. Between cooking and cleaning, the tasks can be daunting with outdated or incapable appliances. Updating your appliances will not only ease the burdens of cooking and cleaning, especially for larger families; but those upgraded appliances will also improve your home value. Modern and larger sinks can also be refreshing in a normally tighter space. However, a new remodel doesn’t have to include updated appliances if money is an issue.

Be Better organized. A kitchen renovation is the perfect opportunity to expand storage space, and get your pantry and cabinets organized. Hard to reach cabinets can even be removed to create open space, or shelf space that is easier to handle. Once the kitchen is finished, the newness of the kitchen will help enforce new habits and rules to reduce unwanted clutter from your counter or table space.

Safety. It surprises most how hazardous working in an outdated kitchen can be. If old appliances are not functioning properly or outlets are not grounded from overuse; disaster can strike. Damaged floors are a danger as spills and falls can happen more commonly. If your kitchen cleaners are not properly organized and secure, it can fall in the hands of tiny fingers.

Happiness. As silly as it may seem, your happiness is a great benefit. If you are contemplating a new kitchen, obviously your kitchen’s current state is bringing you down. Having upgraded appliances, perfectly organized cupboards, fresh paint, and stunning floors; cooking and cleaning up after might actually bring you a new found joy.

Kitchen Remodeling in Katy, Houston, Tomball & Stafford TX

Remodeling your kitchen can be extremely difficult if you do not know what you are doing. Talking to the professionals at A&E Painting and Renovations can assist you in making the right choices for your home. After the details are approved, our team of experts can get everything properly installed and walls painted to perfection. Your kitchen will be magazine ready and you will be delighted in your choice to get that kitchen updated. Contact us today to make your dream kitchen a reality!