One of the best parts about enjoying the holidays is to decorate with all your fun and festive decor. Most people take out their stockings, lights and arts and crafts projects. It is a great way to enjoy the season and bring in the excitement to everyone in the house. The one downfall is that most of the decorations have to be hung up on a wall. This is where your interior paint can be damaged and will need to be repaired after you are done with the decorations.

A&E Painting and Renovations has several ways that you can hang your decorations and not cause any damage to your wall paint or drywall.

1. Adhesive Removable Hook Avoids Damage to your Walls & Paint. The hooks can be purchased for a great price in almost any store. There are several styles of hooks that you can get depending on the size of the item that you need to hang. You can also choose several kinds of colors that might match the color of wall paint or item that you are hanging. The great thing is that the adhesive used is like a sticker that has been made specifically to use on walls and remove without damage. The adhesive strip is sturdy enough to keep the item up but made so that you can simply pull on the tab and remove the adhesive and hook in one movement. You can usually save the hooks and buy new adhesive strips to use the next year.
2. Decorating Tape Protect Your Walls & Paint. This tape is made to use to hang decorations in your home. People will use it to attach posters to walls and during the holiday it is a great way to hang art projects or Christmas Cards that you want to display. The tape when removed does not leave behind residue or remove the paint with it.
3. Clothesline Decorations. You can also go with a fun way to hang some of your holiday treasures. Use a clothesline to hang from one side of the room to another. You can utilize a space to hang cards or decorations. The clothesline will only need to be attached at two spots and makes it so that you can hang several items.
4. Over the Door Hook Protects Doors. Another great way to get some decorating hung up is to add an over the door hook to the doors. You can hang a wreath to the door without having to use any nails or screws that can cause damage to the paint on your walls or doors.

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A&E Painting and Renovations wants you to use these great ways to hang holiday decorations without damaging your walls. In the event that you don’t and you see damage after you remove your decorations, you can give us a call to have the damage repaired and re-painted.