Did you know that painting the exterior of your home can add value to the resale of your property? When the paint is chipping and faded, it will rightly seem like the owner has not taken good care of the house. The potential buyer may also assume that any repairs needed to be done on the inside have been neglected as well. A fresh coat of paint also increases curb appeal and makes the whole neighborhood a better place to live. There are a lot of things to consider when you decide to paint the exterior of your home; like what color scheme to use and what prep work needs to be done. Another big thing to consider is the what the weather will be like during the painting process and how it will affect the end result.

A&E Painting & Renovations has prepared what type of weather to watch for and how it can affect the exterior paint job on your home.

How Sun & Heat Affects Exterior Painting

When the sun is resting on the surface of the house, it can actually raise the temperature in that area by more than 20 degrees. The heat will cause the paint to dry too fast and can that can cause damage to the new paint. The best way to stop the paint from damaging is to work around the home and paint in the shade as much as possible. The paint will start to crack and bubble up if it gets too hot too fast. The paint needs to cure at the same speed around the entire home and if there is an area that has too much sun it will dry faster than the rest and that is where the damage comes from.

How Wind Affects Exterior Painting

The wind can cause trouble when you are trying to paint your home just the way that you would expect. When you have an area prepped, it is cleaned up and the dust and dirt is eliminated before you start … that is until the wind starts blowing and adds a new layer that you definitely don’t want to paint over. The other problem is that after the paint has been added to the house and the wind starts up, it can bring on the dust and dirt that will then stick to the fresh coat of paint.

How Rain Affects Exterior Painting

The rain not only can cause damage to the fresh coat of paint by hitting it and causing dents but it also brings with it humidity. The rain can make it impossible to start painting and if it comes soon after the job is done it can ruin it. The humidity can make the drying process take a lot more time.

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