After checking off another home improvement project, you look around and eye the back entrance, and after a bit of deliberation, you decide putting in a concrete patio would make barbecuing a lot more easy and perhaps it will give the kids a miniature area to shoot hoops. No matter the reasons, you need a concrete patio, and are seeking steps and a few tips to achieve your goal.

A&E Painting and Renovations would like to offer some tips on how to construct that concrete patio.

1. Prep work. You have to begin by excavating the area you want to transform. Completely remove everything including plant life, loose rocks and any other debris. There is no need for a perfectly level ground, but you do want the ground to be evened out. Fill in any holes, and edge off any small hills.
2. Build out. You will now need to build out the formation for your patio. It is better to spray paint the outline form. If you are going for a patio with dramatic curves, use bender boards to exaggerate to the shape. Secure the desired form using stakes pounded into the ground about every foot apart.
3. Pouring rocks. Rocks need to be set between the ground level and the concrete. Pour your rock first. Rocks need to spread approximately 2-3 inches above the ground with 3/4 inch base rock inside the concrete forms.
4. Rebar installation. Rebar reinforces the concrete and prevents it from cracking over time. Rebar is especially important in larger areas, such as patios. In a grid pattern, lay out your rebar about every 2-3 feet apart. Using pliers secure the rebar together using metal rebar ties where they cross.
5. Pouring the concrete. Mix the concrete according to sections. Once you have poured a section, begin smoothing it out within the form. It is important that it is evenly distributed. Trowels and concrete floats are the perfect tools for the smoothing the concrete.
6. Repeat the steps until the patio is completely filled in with concrete.
7. If you want to tint the concrete, you apply the concrete powder dye after the concrete has dried slightly. Toss handfuls of powder throughout the concrete, like your tossing a pair of dice. Smooth the tint over using a concrete floater. Wear rubber gloves so your hands do not get a tint job as well.
8. To add texture, throw mineral salt in a desired pattern and then using the concrete floater, gently press the salt into the concrete. Allow to set over night along with the concrete to dry.
9. Remove the forms. One the concrete is surely dry, remove the concrete forms. It is better to consult the label on your concrete to determine when the recommended drying time of the concrete is. Sweep away the salts to reveal the softly porous texture. Be sure they do not come in contact with any plants.

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Where installing a concrete patio is relatively easy, it may prove challenging for people unfamiliar in concrete, or who have physical handicaps. Other people simply lack the time, inclination or know that once they start it is going to be more expensive trying to do it themselves than if they were to hire professionals. If you should fall into these categories, allow A&E Painting and Renovations to install your concrete patio for you. Contact us today for a free consultation!