If you go into almost any bathroom in any standard home in the United States you are going to find the same thing again and again. When a home builder builds their homes they go with a layout and color scheme that is cost effective and would be most appealing to the majority of people. They are not making their choices out of style and creativity but out of mass production. The options that are chosen are fine and agreeable to most people but once you live there you may decide that you would love some other options instead. The paint color for one is a huge way to make a change and add some of your own flavor to the bathroom. You can also replace the bathtub and shower to something that suits you better. You might decide that you just don’t need a tub at all and you would be happy with a larger shower. You can also add beautiful granite, slate or other stone counter tops which will add a level of elegance to the room. Then there is the tile. Tile comes in lots of sizes and shapes and you can add it to your floors, shower enclosure and backsplash.

A&E Painting & Renovations has some added benefits of upgrading your bathroom.

New Bathroom Style: This is the best part of the bathroom upgrade. You are able to get ideas and options that are better suited to what you like and what looks good to you. You get to choose the color for the paint as well as the type, color and shape of the tiles that will be laid down. You can also choose from lots of bathtub, shower and sink and fixture options. You may decide that you want a larger bathtub that has some Jacuzzi options to it. You can also take time to decide on what cabinets and countertops you want. All these options, when made with some thought and care, can start to show off your personal style. It will make the room much more enjoyable to be in every day – your own private oasis!

More Bathroom Space: Some bathrooms may seem cramped. You may look at the space and think that the bathtub should be over a bit or the sink needs to be on the other wall. The builder makes the bathrooms all uniform and that may mean that they are using the space different than you would. When you remodel you can move things around to add space to the area. You can also choose to remove the bathtub to add some even more space and just go with a larger shower enclosure instead.

Added Home Value: You may not know but one of the rooms that adds the most value when it has been upgraded and remodeled is the bathroom. Just like the standard bathroom does not give you that sense of wow it does not for most people either. Although the standard option, is nice a custom bathroom is a much better option in terms of home value. A bathroom remodel will add value to the resell of your home when it comes time for you to move on.

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